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Honouring the transformation of the woman from maiden to mother. Source: A Mothers Blessing Blog

Creative Pregnancy Energy

The final weeks of pregnancy are a really sacred time.  A time I feel when we need to listen to our bodies and instincts most as our bodies prepare for one of the biggest transitions life offers. A sacred time where many women go within and feel a need to hibernate while our energy and…

Simple Umbilical Cord Tie Ritual

Creating a tie for their baby provides a lovely opportunity for mum to sit peacefully and relax focusing on her baby as well as creating a beautiful tie for her baby to wear.

About Me

A little about me, I am 35, a mum of three girls and one boy. I started young having my first baby at 16 and have recently had my forth at age 33. I had one hospital birth and three home births. I am passionate about positive birthing, and creating a positive supportive time post…