A little about me… I am a mum of three girls and one boy, ages ranging between 19 years and age 2.

I am passionate about positive birthing, and creating a positive supportive time post natally, ever since i had my first i knew i wanted to help mums have the best birth they can. I knew i definitely wanted to be a Doula after attending my sisters home birth, It was the most amazing experience to be a part of.  I have often felt I wanted to be a midwife but obstacles often get in the way. By being a Doula I can really support and nurture with passion.

I did my initial doula training through Conscious Birthing, and registered with Doula UK.

I trained as a Breastfeeding / Feeding Peer Supporter with Sussex community NHS Trust in 2008, and worked actively for two years in a parent and baby play group supporting families around feeding. I recently re-took the training in 2014 and now work on the postnatal wards at my local hospital supporting new parents.

I have also breast fed all my babies long term so understand fully the stresses, strains and loveliness breast feeding brings.

I also have interests in herbal medicine, being in the countryside, spending time with my family, spirituality, i am also a book worm when i can be.

My philosophy in brief is that I feel empowering women to completely trust their bodies is key to birthing positively as well as creating an environment both parents are comfortable in.

As your Doula I will bring my calm presence. I will support you in doing what is right for you. I can help you in research, creating a Birth Plan, I will support you, your partner, and midwives during labour to help enable you a positive birth experience.  I will also provide important post natal nurture and support. It will all depend on what you want and need.

Being a Doula is an absolute honour, I know my skills will evolve with each new experience, it is for me also a spiritual experience as much as a physical role. If you are interested in meeting up or have any qustions ill look forward to meeting you.

I can offer two packages, Birthing Doula and Postnatal Doula.  I also offer Closing The Bones, a postpartum ritual.

The relationship we would have is unique to your needs so all the above can be adapted to suit your needs.

If you would struggle to pay then please get in touch and if it feels right for us both an arrangement or skill exchange can be made if i am able to manage it.  Every women deserves the support she would like during her babies birth.