An introduction to a few known Goddesses and Deities of Birth, Womanhood, and Motherhood

I have quite an interest in the trust we place and have placed in deities and god figures throughout history.   As a pagan or spiritually inclined person I am finding more and more that the more trust and honour we place within them the more we seem to receive and our path ahead seems to widen and extend also creating greater opportunities.

Faith and trust in divine energy is something all religions have with similar results it seems.

There are many deites / goddesses people around the world trust during change in our lives specifically during one of the biggest transitions, our transition to motherhood.

Yet there are so many goddesses we will never know as they are lost in time with peoples memories.

This blog has been in my draft blog section for a long time now as it never feels ready, however it was chatting to a mama tonight that made me think on my way home this blog will never be ready if i continue to wait for more goddesses to show themselves as there are so many.  So here are just a small number of the many beautiful deities that we know of who work with women, childbirth and mothering.

A beauty of blogs is that you can always add to them. So I will expand on this.

These beautiful women, beautiful depictions of many female facets of life.

Lakshmi mother goddess indian

Lakishma –  Hindu Mother Goddess trusted by so many still today!



Mother Goddess figuring – Image found in many Paleolithic cave paintings and as well as stone and clay figuring’s depicting this image found by archaeologists dating back to Neolithic.  Just imagine how long this image has been worshiped … !


Brigit / Brigid, Celtic goddess of fertility and Imbolc.


Hecate – triple goddess, also a goddess of mothering and birth.



Hera – Greek Mother Goddess and mother of all.  Her Character is such an honest depiction of life too.



Sheela Na Gig. Fertility goddess found once on many churches in the British Isles. Once touched by couples wanting to have children. Sheela has been removed from many churches now over the centuries and now there are many of her plaques in the British Museum.



Isis as mother to Horus, she was a role model for all women in Egypt, she was also a principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life.



White Buffallo Woman, a sacred woman of supernatural origin, central to the Lakota religion. She is not necessarily linked to fertility but linked to all as where the buffalo go the Lakota


Freya, Viking, Heathen Goddess, mother and wife. One of my favourites and one I use within my own work.


Mary, needs no introduction, a Christian goddess most of us know well. Mother to Jesus and mother to all.



Two amazing Aztec Fertility Goddesses found by archaeologists,  both assuming a really good birth position. Unfortunately not much is known of them but it is clear to see from the statues Aztec women had strong influences with positive birth.    Tlazolteotl – Aztec Goddess of Fertility and Midwives –Quite a contrast from how European-religious leaders treated child birth!   Depicting the Aztec’s as strong positive birthing women, notice the position they are birthing in!!


Coatlicue, Aztec goddess of fertility, life, death and rebirth

Ishtar – Mesopatamium. Goddess of love, sex, nursing
Oshun, African Goddess, of love and sex. Depicted with a mermaid tale.
Oshun – a sacred grove

If you know of others I have missed out, I am sure there are many, please get in touch and I will add them to this blog, as I am interested to learn more too.

Thank you for reading, Namaste.

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