Sacred Drumming, Journeying, Pregnancy and Birth.

The sound of the drum for me is one of those earthly things that resonates really deep and touches my soul, as the smell, sight and sound of an open wood fire does, or the smell of a forest and the earth when it rains.


Hearing the drum touches a memory and reminds all of our senses of our time in the womb, when the one safe constant we knew was our mothers heartbeat.  When a drum beat resonates through us it brings us back to safety and begins to slow our brain waves from beta  (our every day waking brain wave) to theta the brain wave causing us feel in a deep relaxed state .  This brain wave state is the being of a mum in established labour, and very often a labouring mum will slow to delta as she reaches full dilation, and will drift in and out of a deep sleep.



If a mums brain wave during labour changes too much back to beta it can affect labours progress physically.  So Theta is the one we want to reach, it is also the wave we are in during sex and orgasm.

You all hear of oxytocin in labour, the hormone of love, which is very much present in birth, this hormone induces these brain waves too. Slowing it down so our bodies can focus on opening and releasing for our babies to be born.

I am not medically trained so apologies to many who are if I haven’t explained this quite right but it is only from my own experience of birthing my own children, and through what I now recognise as a doula in mums I support.

I birthed my last two babies (I have had four babies) using meditation because I learned during my second that bringing my mind away from my body really helped me allow my body to do its job.  During my third pregnancy I did daily meditation so i could slow my brain waves quickly to get into the zone I felt i needed to be in when in labour.   During my third labour I took myself up to a cloud and surrounded myself in love imagining all my loved ones around me (this birth became an unintended orgasmic birth).

With my fourth I decided to ask a friend who is a shamanic practitioner to drum for me, as I loved journeying and meditating to the shamanic drum beat.  My friend went into the woods and recorded an amazing track of him drumming with the birds and trees in the background. I listened to it in late pregnancy every day, and during my labour it really got me through by giving me something to hold on to away from my body, even at moments I couldn’t hear it I imagined the beat and immediately felt my brain waves changing.  It helped me through an intense quick and beautiful birth.

I really feel brain training is as important for labour, as it is for an athlete, just as much as physical training and healthy eating.

I’m not saying meditaion and drum journeying is the only way, I feel your favourite music, or regular pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing can help you achieve this too, every woman is different and needs to find her own vision or sound that helps empower her in preperation for her empowered birth.

I have only touched on the tip of a huge topic here and will write more about it as my path develops and I explore further.  As i said earlier in this blog this is only my words and written through my experience.

I am beginning monthly shamanic pregnancy circles in East Sussex for expectant parents to take time for themselves to really connect with themselves and their babies and look at birth from a more shamanic perspective.   If you want to learn more I will look forward to hearing from you.


Birth is one of the most amazing and powerful rites of passage life offers and is as much a journey of the soul as it is of the body.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.




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  1. ouisee14 says:

    Love this Eva, I would be interested in hearing the drumming tape.


  2. Thank you. If i can find it i will send it to you Sarah. I hope you are well. Ill be looking for clients for sacred drum healing case studies soon if you are interested. Take care x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ouisee14 says:

    Yes I would be interested, thanks xx


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