What Can a Doula Do For You?

My first film after an inspiring week of self development with coach Suzy Ashworth. For me it is a real push out of my comfort zone! Here it is! Thank you and blessings ❤

Western Perception of Placenta’s Lost and Remembered

I am a doula and mum of four, I am not medically trained, I am writing this from a my own feeling, and bit of research I did because I was very much inspired having been asked to say a few words at a friends placenta burial recently and would like to share my feelings…

Sacred Placenta – Encapsulation in photographs (graphic).

Placenta encapsulation is such an amazing job I wanted to share it in photographs for others to see, and to raise a little awareness for the natural process of consuming our placenta. Source: Sacred Placenta – Encapsulation in photographs (graphic).